Don Hertzfeldt’s REJECTED

February 9th, 2011


Don Hertzfeldt’s REJECTED

Articol scris de Monica


Despre Don Hertzfeldt si animatiile sale v-am povestit mai pe larg aici.  De data aceasta vedem Rejected, un scurt metraj animat multipremiat, constituindu-se de fapt dintr-o serie de scurte animatii in aceeasi nota plina de absurd si umor negru cu care autorul se intelege de minune in creatiile sale. Animatii care au fost respinse din pricina violentei afisate.

Iata ce spune animatorul despre ele: Soon after Lily and Jim, I started to get approached to do commercials for television and interstitials for weird cable programs and things like that. I would never do a commercial. I never have and I never will. It’s just the sort of thing that goes against every bone in my body. But I was sitting around with Rob after receiving one offer and we were wondering what would happen if we just took their money and intentionally made the most horrible, inappropriate garbage we could? Just to see if it would get on air. Sort of like the guy who put the rake in the modern art museum, I guess. So we started riffing on that and I think it just sort of snowballed from there and I started to get more ideas and they started to get funnier.(sursa)

In 2004 a fost ales de imdb al treilea intr-o lista a celor mai bune scurt metraje din toate timpurile. Suprarealism, spontaneitate si nebunie… sau Don Hertzfeld!

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  1. Foarte “simpatic”, mi-a placut!

  2. foarte buna ideea clipui !

  3. dragut filmulet

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